Film & Art

Working as an Art Standby on film sets for the past 5 years Jacquie has gained a lot of knowledge and insight into this section of film making. Designing, creating and modelling sets and props have become a passion, branching into painting and wood work. Teaming up with muralists and professional artists she is now working on creating a platform to help locals sell their work, thus earning an income from their talents.

Through her various projects, ranging from music to film making, her biggest goal is to uplift local communities through the teaching of new skills and creating an environment where they feel valued, supported and are thus encouraged to produce their wares.


Ngwenyama’s Tears (The King’s Tears) is our pet project. We are in the process of producing the first English/Swazi Children’s Movie in Mpumalanga. This adventure story will entertain and inspire the young people of our country to move away from indoor technology and embark on outdoor adventures! Our hope is to reach out to children of all ages and ethnicities and invite them on our journey of honour, self discovery, bravery and the value of true friendship.

Africa In Touch Interview

My dream is to build a studio in the Barberton Mountains, where we can grab the kids off the streets and introduce them to the magical world of film, music and drama. Now it is up to the universe to deliver!